Degrees when Due gives campuses the tools to get students back on track and across the degree-completion finish line.

Degrees When Due is a completion and equity initiative to help states and colleges increase degree attainment among the “some college, no degree” population.

Degrees When Due seeks to build expertise, capacity, and infrastructure on campuses across the nation to get near-completers over the finish line. This initiative supports near-completers by:

  • Providing access to an interactive online tool and live coaching to guide staff through implementation of degree reclamation strategies
  • Building and facilitating communities of practice among campus staff and state agencies
  • Performing important research into best practices for reengaging students

In 2009, IHEP sought to help remedy the problem of associate’s degree completion among students who stop-out through Project Win-Win. Another multi-state reverse transfer optimization initiative, Credit When It’s Due, also helped thousands more students earn their degrees.

Together, Project Win-Win Credit When It’s Due strategies—collectively referred to as degree reclamation– have been implemented at 556 institutions in 17 states, producing over 20,000 new associate’s degrees.

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The data show our nation is home to 36 million Americans with some college, but no degree.

Degrees When Due can help your state and its institutions award degrees to these students. To learn more, check your state to see the number of potential completers.

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