Given how much sifting through student data an audit requires – and what a treasured find a credential that has been earned but not yet awarded is – IHEP refers to auditing as the “Degree Mining Process.” While a critical component of degree completion, the auditing process can be burdensome, even for the most well-resourced institutions.

To alleviate this burden, IHEP created the Degree Mining Tool to equip institutions to easily and affordably identify students who are eligible for credentials that the students have earned but have not yet been awarded.

Drawing on extensive experience and practical insights gleaned from institutions involved in Degrees When Due, IHEP’s multi-year nationwide effort that has engaged over 190 postsecondary institutions in 23 states, this free online tool provides a set of “action-ready” strategies that institutions can immediately put to use to enhance their degree mining practices without the need for additional technology or resources. The tool provides step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions that walk the user through the customized steps and technical resources that are right for them and their student information system.

The Degree Mining Tool equips teams to:

  • Adopt and adapt innovative degree mining strategies from other institutions;
  • Map current degree mining processes and optimize current approaches; and
  • Organize targeted campaigns to identify and award earned credentials.

By helping postsecondary institutions accurately and efficiently award credentials that students are due, the Degree Mining Tool will close completion and equity gaps.


For more information or for access to the Degree Mining Tool, [email protected]